Knit in Public

Just to remind you guys to once in a while Knit in Public. From the town of Quebradillas in Puerto Rico to my Men Who Knit friends with love.

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Great to see!
I knit in public often indeed regularly but i love to see other guys knitting as well

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I will be interested to see whether you find inspiration for your knitting and crocheting in the Puerto Rican environs. I visited "El Morro" many years ago and remember finding many possibilities for patterns in the architecture.

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Yay! I prefer knitting in public to not. Usually it ends up being in transit, but for a while I was trying to knit weekly at a coffee shop, before it became impractical. Just last night I suggested our little knit group take our "open house" night outside where we might be seen.

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Go Andy, Go Andy, Go Andy. Good to see you flying the flag for men knitting. Hope you enjoy your time in Quebradillas.
I knit in pubic every week in various venues round my home city of Cardiff. OK it's part of the local Stitch n Bitch group but they officially only meet twice a month so the other weeks its on my own bat with my friends Heidi, Judy and Elli. It's odd but we seem now to get as many turning up for the unofficial meets as the scheduled ones.

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Ola, amigo!
Great picture. Do you attract a curious crowd in Quebradillas?
I knit on the BART train for a hour each way, and almost always attract some surreptitious stares.

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I knit in public daily, on the sub-way and the street car to and from work. I get the occassional comment but it also assures me of a seat to myself as nobody wants to sit next to the man knitting rofl!!!!!

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Knit in public alot. Well, not so "lot" recently because I've not been knitting as much. But still a pretty decent amount of the time. Hardly ever travel anywhere without a knitting project of some sort going on. People have joked that no one will recognize me if I didn't have my knitting bag along. ;-) Hope you are enjoying your break in Puerto Rico. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I was at a court house earlier waiting in the waiting room and before I left a lady approached me. I hd to come over and see whatyou were doing, she said, I have never seen anyone with so many needles and I want to have the opportunity to see this before you left and ask you whatyou are making.

So I explained to her and others what I was making, a square that will become a hat, that may become a pair of sock if the casting and knitting was different. I gave her a little bit of a class on how to cast one, and knit on dpns, how to increase. She said that with what I just showed her she may try to figure it out at home. What a great Lady!

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Since I started using a cane to get around, I have been carrying a shoulder bag, and my knitting goes along. The last trip to the hospital for ultrasound, I had quite a group of spectators and one older fellow in his 70's said he knitted as a kid and was going to get back into it. Tickled the heck out of me. We also have a Breathern church camp a few miles down the road, and one of the student interns has just finished his first pair of socks, and we get together occasionally to knit at the camp. We are both beginners, but I got to teach him two new increases today which was really exciting for me. I haven'thad a bad experience knitting in public yet. john