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There is an interesting short article on page 4, of the "Sunday Styles" section of today's "New York Times". "A Night Out With John Glover" by Sandy Keenan. "Act 1, Purl 2" focuses on the actor's knitting. There is a photo of John at "The Point", wearing a jaunty toque while knitting a scarf. There is a passing mention of "The Point" closing. The description of John's knitting technique will more than likely give you pause.

If you have access to it, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.


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Mr. Glover's technique is not so strange...merely antique and historically correct. Holding the needle this way allows for speedier knitting and greater control of tension. There are many pictures of women knitting Aran sweaters this way from earlier times, using a belt with a piece of metal, dimpled like a golf ball or a large thimble, allowing the knitter to stand and walk about while knitting away. The wool was hung on the belt as well. Very convenient for a woman with children to mind or conduct the days affairs while tending to her knitting.

Men, however, have no need for such a device, as they already had a convenient place to anchor their tool, so to speak. Perhaps Mr. Glover harbingers a revival of a useful and proven technique?

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Knitting Belt = Wisker