First sweater and purse...excitement!

My last blog entry described these two projects, but now I got pictures of them finally. Thanks mom for letting me borrow the camera (I'm visiting my hometown for a couple days.)

The sweater is the seamless hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann per Jared Flood's suggestions. (He describes a wonderfully clever method for adding a contrast colored hem.) It's going great and coming along super fast. I only started it last Wednesday and I already have one sleeve almost done, and a little more than half of the torso. I love the Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I'm knitting it in. I love the St stitch in the round; it's delightfully boring and positively relaxing.

The bag is a free pattern on ravelry. It's called "Quinn" and I substituted seed stitch for the crazy cabling on the body of the bag per the way that "Sknitty" knit it. I made it for my friends 21st birthday (May 20th).

I'm getting more and more obsessed with knitting every day.

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albert's picture

Nice knitting, nice color. Stockinette has an appeal all its' own, both in the knitting and in the appearance of the fabric. The contrasting hem is a nice touch.

Thomasknits's picture

I call stockinette mindless speed practice. It's so incredibly therapeutic.


VTandPTguy's picture

Wow; you've developed into a FINE knitter. Well done. -John