Spinning round and round--but what am I doing??

Is there an Elizabeth Zimmerman for spinning? When I am in the library/bookstore, is there a resource I can keep my eyes open for? You guys are great...thanks for all the tips, especially lately regarding setting the twist on newly spun yarn.

Today I finally wound my yarn into a ball (it did take all weekend to dry!!), and since it's not even 90 yards, I cheated. I couldn't get to a farm fast enough, but there was some lovely pencil roving at the store. I am pleased to see that the color is just about exactly the shade of the natural that I plied with the original colored strand. So I am spinning the pencil roving into a bulky yarn to match the colored yarn, combining two balls as I spin to get the thickness I need. So far I am pleased with the result. I just hope there's enough when it's all done to make a decent project...say, a scarf?

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Looks great! You might look into Paula Simmons; she's the Grande Dame of fast spinning (although she spins on a wheel). Her book is called Spinning For Softness And Speed. Don't know if it's still in print.