The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name

Imagine, if you will, the case of the sick souls who have to hide their secret passions from the light of ordinary examination. These twisted, bent practitioners of activities so "abnormal" they shun the gaze of others, must be tortured with The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name.

Their "love" so offensive to others, they live as marginalized outsiders, blending into the background, keeping their feelings hidden, passive and unspoken...except to their secret admirers. In order to hide their passions, they surround themselves with "normals" who act as barriers and normalizers for those unknowing...yet can act as heralds for those who are inflamed with this shared desire.

Yet, they pay taxes, rear children, have jobs, live in our communities and make great and small contributions to the public weal.

Are these serial killers? Child molesters? Ponzi schemers? No, Dear Reader...they are us.

Male knitters, crocheters, textile artisans, craftsmen, artists.

If memory serves me, in Sally Melville's book The Purl Stitch, there are several copy inches invested entreating male knitters to come out, be seen and be part of the community. That Sally...a true Rag Hag for us male knitters.

The problem working against the poor lonely girl is that advertisers drive fibers needing attention see women as their audience. After all, we men have so little economic power here, don't we? Or not.

I believe we have enormous power and influence. I'd love to test it. A male knitters magazine? Not required, but a few more pages added to address my interests would be appreciated.

I know. I know. A new shrug for Tyffany-Amber made from the latest fibre derived from South African grass clipping and the final, final sludge of wine-making will sell miles of yarn. The latest baby accessory with an AWWWWWW factor of 7.6 sells lots of lint. But these men...don't think they buy anything. Or do we?

I would start with Knitters, published by XRX, Inc. Owned by males, operated by males, managed by males, edited by males. I would hope they would be, at best, slightly sympathetic. Let's see, shall we?

“There are those that do and those that don’t”
“Those that will and those that won’t”


Bill's picture

the publisher of Knitters magazine was wearing gold metallic cowboy boots at Stitches...maybe we should start somewhere else....?

Kerry's picture

When I was a subscriber to Knitters about 20 years ago, I wrote to them asking for more patterns for men but to little effect. Consequently I haven't bought Knitters for years.

Old John's picture

Well, it always helps to ride the wave of pop culture. Men in the kitchen does not sell nearly as well as "Biker Billy Cooks With Fire", and the cover photo was great. Knitty has been receptive to articles about male knitting. Getting a rock star to front the art would help, but does anyone know one who knits. I don't even want to see the results of the vote for a nude calender from this bunch, but a newsworthy male knitting event or person "Coming Out" as a male knitter might be leverage for getting an article published. Maybe the group should lobby Interweave Press for a book featuring the patterns and work of this group. There is plenty of work from this group that is head and shoulders over some of the crap on the magazine racks. A book would bring a few names to the fore, and it would surely sell a copy to every old lady who just swoons over Mario's lace. Anyway, there are a few ideas that can be kicked around and I'm sure there are a lot more waiting in the wings. Maybe we can get a little energy behind this and get some momentum. Just my thoughts.

Mario on a Harley with a white lace shawl over leather?