Square 8 LTKA

This is called the Rose Fabric and it starts the Color Knitting of this book. It is the prelude to Mosaic knitting, it is done with the Knit , Knit 1 Below. This is a very interesting fabric and very light. I was very surprise at the lightness of the fabric. I was able to reach my gauge , but I had to recast once.
The Rose Fabric is a lovely airy fabric that will make a beautiful blanket.

I hope you enjoy this square in cotton. Thanks for stopping by!


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Wow... I LOVE this pattern... I'll have to hunt it down...

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Hi Andy. I am enjoying seeing your squares as you finish them. I know that some people are having difficulty with getting their squares blocked. These knitters tend to be using Acrylic rather than natural fibres.
I so want to make this blanket too, but my stash is huge and my partner has commented on its size in only 6mths since learning to knit. If I don't do some stash busting first I very much doubt I will be able to smuggle the yarn into the house to make it :o)
I look forward to seeing square number nine.

This is another gorgeous square, Andy. It looks like a very firm stitch, even though you say it is light.

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Beautiful stitch, and the blue orange combo is really vibrant. How will you be joining the squares together?