The Right One Is "On"...The Left is "Addi-Turbo".

Whole canned chickens failed in the marketplace because people bought several...once. The canned product's shelf life is your stash. Waiting to be consumed, you forgot..and there-in may be the problem's heart.

The goal of manufacturers is to capture the marketplace's imagination...and buying emotional and often irrational decision. The seduction and influence is based on the imagery produced to create emotional response. Paco Underhill has made his fortune "'splaining it to Lucy" from the anthropological academe.

Have you noticed how trends catch on like the flu? How many things you take for granted seemed to emerge from nowhere? How basic things like common objects can grab hold and take on a life of their own, seemingly with energy gifted from on high?

Or, the marketers of popular culture take hold. Media buyers ages 21 to 25, female, living in the East Village and swooning over the latest color report, placing ads in the strongest PRISM categories reflecting the current audience stats for Star Trek movies.

Designers follow instructions given by the people who pay their bills. Some just do it for love of their art. I'll take the latter, anytime. We need to promote the under-known and who WE like.

How about a list of the excellent designers of male-oriented knitting, writers and designers who catch our imagination no matter the genre of objects, people who make our brains snap on, and hold our attention for the unabashed quality of their work...creative or interpretive? How about sharing that with the arbiters of popular culture? Media outlets? Your local yarn store?

Let's tweak the nipple of a few folks who pay the bills, eh?


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Mmario needs to be on the list.


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How ? What list? Which list? WHOSE LIST? (I know i'm on several relatives "list" - but I m trying to get off those!)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation