So I've decided to make my Dad a tie (or hopefully a set of three) by his birthday in October. The current one is a sleek black, but if anyone has had luck working patterns into ties, I'd love advice.

Also, sweet tea and knitting in the sun go very well together. That was almost my entire weekend plan.


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Where in the south do you live?
Let me know if you find a good tie pattern. I'd like to make one myself.


I'm originally from Texas but I spent several years in Memphis. I think sweet tea existed for me when I was growing up, but I really picked up a taste for in in TN.

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I'm the one Georgian that doesn't much care for sweet tea. I have been to TN a few times, and I was struck by how extremely friendly everyone is in that state.


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Here's a tie pattern from KnitPicks I've added to my favorites:


How neat! I've never seen a pattern for a knit tie before this one.
Very nice of you to share it.


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there' a tie pattern in teh stitch and bitch men's book - looks a bit bulky but could be good. Welcome to the group!