Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten Jacket

For most of the year I live in Mexico.  I do, however, have a place in Canada and that is where my copy of "Knitting Workshop" by EZ is and I am not.  Here in Mexico I have the pattern for the Tomten in both "Knitting Without Tears" and "Opinionated Knitter" .  They give directions for the jacket but only for one size.  In Workshop she gives directions for making the jacket in any size as long as it is a multiple of 8.  The only thing I can't remember is how many stitches do I increase at the centre back of the hood.  If you have a copy and can look it up for me I would be so thankful.  I am thinking I will increase two on every second row 10 times but would feel better if I used her formula.

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increase two stitches at center back every 2nd row, eight times
the number of increase pairs is equal to 1/14X
...at twenty eight ridges (1/4 of X) KNIT to the center and weave together in garter stitch weaving....

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Bill, thanks for your quick response.  You're a life saver.