Visiting LA / Las Vegas

Hello all you US MWK

I'm coming to LA for the first time since the late 80s.

What should be top of my must see list as a Brit tourist?
Are there any yarn stores that I can check out?

And what about Vegas? Any suggestions for that... other than not to gamble my entire life savings and yarny stash?

Adrian / x


Nashrunner's picture

If you've never been to Nashville, we have the world's only lifesize replica of the Parthenon, and ours isn't in ruin! There's much more here than country music. We have a brand new, multi-million dollar symphony hall and a world-recognized orchestra. Would imagine you can go online and read about the Nashville symphony. They've recently won some Grammy awards for music of Amy Beach. There are also great, eclectic restaurants (check out Margot's online, they're "family"). Hope you'll consider a stop in Nashville. Kevin