Sock Wars

So, I received "death socks" in the mail yesterday. The joke is, they are so small I can't get my foot in them. When I sent a message to the organizer of the game, complete with digital photos, to say that the pattern hadn't been interpolated up to a men's size and as well the socks weren't knitted to gauge, she advised me the socks were correct and that I had been killed. She's been very unbending in the entire matter. Further, she rounded up all the men and placed us on a team together, so that no single man had any possibility of winning the contest overall. My advice to anyone interested in entering the future is, don't. It's clearly a womens contest, devised by women, run by women, played by rules which they're making up on the fly to further their positions, as the game advances. A case in point: While each of the 4 members on my team had targets overseas, only one of our would-be assassins was in the US. How is that fair? Answer is, it's not and that's the way it was designed, pure and simple. Thanks for reading, and I have this off my chest now!

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I don't its fair to categorize a whole gender like that, but it does sound like the person running the show is unwielding. Maybe you could start a sock war for guys on here.

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Cherchez la femme!

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DANGER - Off color comment

Maybe she didn't intend you to put your foot in them.

Sorry I couldn't resist.


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In Days of Old, when Knights were Bold,
And condoms yet not invented,
They wrapped their c%$*ks,
Within Death Socks,
And babies were thus, Prevented!

I sense a subtle hint in this game.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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What may I ask is a Sock War? Being a new knitter I am a little in the dark.

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I thought about participating, but thought it sounded like an administrative nightmare and given my aversion for going to the post office, I figured I'd probably be killed while my socks waited to be mailed.

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Thanks for all the positive response to a most unpleasant situation. I have photos of the socks in question and will post if anyone's interested. I am just going to send socks to my "target" in England as soon as I can nicely finish them and consider the whole thing an error in judgement. This woman Helen (realize in the south if a female can't be called a lady there's something shifty going on) has probably never been the same since that house fell on her sister (think wizard of Oz). For those who don't know, Sock Wars is a sock knitting race of sorts, where a person tries to knit a pair of socks to send to a person you don't know with only their shoe size and color like/dislikes and any fiber allergies being known, before someone else gets their pair mailed to you. Clearly, these persons don't know diddly about knitting men's socks. I won't participate again. Enough said. Thanks again for listening.