MWK Clog-Along

Cyber clog-along using Fiber Trends AC-33x pattern.(I arbitrarily chose Sept. 1 as a stop date... that is when Warren has to have his done for his partners' B-day.  Otherwise, when your done you are done baby)

Wherever you boys feel comfortable knitting.


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Hi Chris

Great idea - count me in for the clog-along.  With any luck I should have the pattern by Monday.  I don't have any worsted weight wool to hand at the moment - do you know how much I should need for a size 10 (= US 11 I think) pair?


Warren's picture

Like I'd told you guys in one of Chris's other entries, I had gotten a head-start on the clogs, but stopped when I knew the official start date.  I'm using Cascade 220 yarn, the main color is the deep chocolate brown, and the contrast color is the light brown.  The swatch on the left was done with US 17's, the middle with 13's.  The right one was done in stockinette (pattern doesn't say what stitch to use), but after looking at the pattern, I realized it probably should be done in garter stitch since that's what the pattern is.  Here's the picture.

 I'm ready to start row 3 on the insole.  More later!