Adventures at Romni

About a week ago I was in Toronto for work and Dennis (aka Chipsir) was kind enough to direct me to Romni Wools where he works a few days each week. Dennis is a great host and Romni Wools was mindblowing - 6000 sq ft of nothing but floor to ceiling wool. I arrived early, before Dennis's shift began and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume. I left - and returned a bit later for my guided tour with Dennis. And a guided tour is what it takes. Suffice it to say that the sale/ clearance area has three main rooms, any one of which is the size of many of the neighbourhood LYSs that I have visited. They also have a very serious book section.

Dennis posted some pics a while back. Imagine that each of his pics is of but a very very tiny corner of the place.

Dennis and I spoke of the ideal Canadian road trip for a bunch of our American knitting buddies. We agreed that shopping at Romni's would have to be on the tour, but eating in Montreal had to be there too.
Maybe a project for us.

Cheers! -Phil


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Phil, you seducer, you tease, you sly puss...all I can say are three little words...

Tell me more!


Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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I have a great friend in Toronto I haven't seen in a few years and it's a quick plane ride...SO tempting!

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Sure guys come on over, I will be the Toronto guide and Phil can be the Montreal guide but I would have to go to Montreal with you as I have never been ...... lived and worked all over Europe but have seen very little of Canada.
Dennis aka Chipsir

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I know what you mean- I live here in Maine, "Vacationland", and I've hardly ever been out of my backyard.

Albert aka Albert