Some Online Resources For Knitters

All I can say on this one, is WOW!

From my textile co-conspirator Hannah Wallace

Some very useful knitting calculators

A sleeve cap calculator that addresses all four variables...front, back, sleeve cap shape and height.

Using short rows in the round to shape the shoulders

stripe generator:

fair isler links:

Knitters graph paper:

I'll add on as new stuff arrives. Keep me posted if a link breaks or dies.


lace charts:

writing multi-sized patterns:

charting simple cables:

Project Guttenberg: free electronic books of all kinds
Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free electronic books (ebooks).

the Antique Pattern Library:
scanned and uploaded in PDF form - free books with patterns for crochet, knitting, tatting, embroidery, needle lace and other kinds of needlework.

4 vintage knitting books:

books about needlework, alphabets, monograms, and samplers.

historic knitting patterns:

history of men who knit

american Red cross wartime knits:

Homework 1891
Sarah Bradberry's fabulous site that translates "Homework," a knitting manual from 1891, into contemporary knitting terms.

vintage knitting patterns

Victoria & Albert Museum - London - knitting

UK Knitting & Crochet Guild - historical collection

Historic Knitting and making the Gunnister purse

notes on 18th century knitting

yahoo discussion group for historic knitting

1884 knitted lace sample book - a lace knitter's blog with charted lace patterns

2 feature articles
stitches in time
History 101

an amazing costume site - suppliers - NO KNITTING (except one ref to Annie Modesitt)

revolutionary war knitting patterns - they have the Gunnister gloves pattern

great site for searching for out of print books

For Science/Math Nerdistas - VERY INTERESTING
here is where I found out about it:

here is the site:


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Just in case you had nothing to do Memorial Weekend!

“There are those that do and those that don’t”
“Those that will and those that won’t”

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Holy Moly - That's alot of helpfulness! How awesome are you!?

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Thanks for all of these great links!

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Holy Crap guy! Thanks alot for those. I have not visited any yet but see several that could come in very handy.

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Yowza, Mark...thanks very much for putting this together. All sorts of goodies for a knitting fanatic. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Not sure that it is a memorial weekend here ... but will be a memorable one if I get all the knitting done that I intend to do...

Your references are greatly appreciated... I am just a beginner but over anxious to often overreaching ... so these websites will be very helpful, thanks.

Istanbul, Turkey