Knit Picks Options needles

Hi guys,

I just got my Options needles from Knit Picks and really like them.  If you want to read a summary/ review/ pictorial of them you can head over to my other blog:

And yes Chris, I will join you in the Clog-along.  Though I didn't know you were organizing anything like that, I did get the size 13 needles just for the clogs, so why not join in!


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Ken You're Great!

YOU will have them done in a weeks time and what a great opportunity to take the new needles out for a maiden voyage!

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I think I might have to try these now!!!  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the join, but after seeing it up close, it looks like it's pretty well made.  Thanks Ken! Great review!!!

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Thanks Aaron, let me know what you think if you get some yourself!

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I've had my "Options" for a few weeks now.  I'm mostly through the back of a sweater using the #4 tips.  I'm finding that I do need to tighten the connection every 30-40 rows or so.  Other than that, they're ideal.  I love the cable!  It's very flexible and very straight right from the start.  I think the set is quite a bargain.  Beware--the tips are sharp!  If you push on the tips when you knit, you'll really feel it with these.

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I took a look at the Knit Pick Options needles and I'm very tempted to order some.  They sure look like they could be money and space savers in addition to being great to work with!

Ken, I'll be watching for how you like them over the long run and for feedback from any other MWK guys that have them.  (Thanks, James for your comments!) 

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Hi Warren, I'll be sure to post a follow-up in a few weeks!

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Thanks for the great review, Ken.  I was planning on ordering a couple sets of DPN's, but I think I may have to add some circulars, too...The socks looks great!

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Thanks John, I like how they're shaping up.  I just got down to the heel flap tonight, so not too much more to go!

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Excellent review. Ken!  I may have to get some of these needles!

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Hi Ken,

Read your review of the Options and you talked about the tight curl of the bamboo needles.  My LYS told me that to loosen the curl, boil some water, turn off the heat and hold in the plastic part for a few seconds.  It's always worked for me.

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Luv 'n' Stuff,
Bob in Fort Lauderdale
Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things