Hi, my name is woodburn and I'm new to this site.

I'm wondering if anyone has used the Noro wool Yarn from Japan. I am interested in trying it. Is it scratchy or is it similar to merino wool?. Thanks for your help.


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I've used Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden and haven't noticed them being scratchy at all. So far, I've been working on a plain 1x1 alternating every-other row scarf. Originally I had planned on using it for a felted bad.

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Hi. I've used Noro quite a bit and would also agree that's is not scratchy. However it's nowhere near as soft as most Merino wools that I've encountered. If you have a chance and can vist a store that sells Noro ask what they might have in Merino and compare the two.

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Hi Woodburn, welcome to our merry little band of knitsters!

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I also have used Noro Kureyon and really don't care for it. I haven't tried silk garden which I believe is softer. Welcome to the group.



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welcome to the group. As for Noro..........Silk Garden is a soft blend, but personally I think the Noro line of yarns are NOT your best choice of yarns but I think they are expensive, unevenly spun, and ARE scratchy. The only thing going for the brand is there color combinations. I have used Noro only twice and both for felted projects. It does felt nicely. I have a friend who tried the noro sock yarn and won't wear the socks because of the scratchiness..............I think there are better choices. Before investing a fortune in Noro, fine a yarn shop and feel it and ask for a comparable alternative.

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Hi Woodburn, welcome to MWK. This is a great group of guys and I've enjoyed seeing their work for the time I've been following this site. I look forward to seeing your work! By the way, I've never used Noro but have found it to feel scratchy when I've come across it in stores.

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If anyone wants to give up their Noro stash on account of being scratchy, send it my way!! I think Noro (esp. Kureyon) is all about the colors. It's not the strongest yarn out there, and it's not the softest. But I am told by my LYS owner that it softens a bit if you wash it. And the silk garden isn't scratchy at all. My first Noro was a hat in Silk Garden, and it was actually a bit too slinky for what I was making. I know better now how to use it.

One aspect of Noro that intrigues me, though I don't know much about it, is the thought of how it's made. I don't think they use any crap in making their yarn.

Chuckle...they way Noro goes thick/thin makes me think of the garment labels that say that imperfections "make this garment unique." The difference is that with Noro, it's true. If you look around on ravelry for projects using Noro, you'll see what kind of stuff it can do and how people like it.

I don't think Noro yarns should be compared to Merino wool...they're apples and oranges. Both have their place. "Scratchy" is, like other aspects of yarn, subject to personal preference; some people are more sensitive than others. There's also the adjustment factor. I didn't like my Lorna's Laces sock yarn at first...it hurt my feet. But after a couple washings/wearings I feel very differently about it.

My conclusion is this...give it a go! One ball won't kill your wallet. It's still cheaper than experimenting with oil paints. One ball could make a pair of fingerless mitts, or a beanie. If you don't like the feel of it I'm sure it will make a beautiful gift. And then you'll know. :)

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Noro isn't something I've used but I agree with looking at it and comparing to other yarns. I like their colorways and the Silk Garden is not as scratchy but Noro just hasn't been what I needed for my projects. Welcome to the group...it's a fun place and I have lost knitting time because I spend so much time enjoying the cameraderie. Oh well, trade offs. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I used to think it was scratchy before I knit with it. When you wash and block it it softens up, and Cashmere Island and Silk Garden (plus a couple of others) are even softer than Kureyon. The colors are amazing.

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Well Hello! Welcome to our amazing group, we sing, we dance, we knit...oh wait that is me and all my friends. Well, we all knit, and many of us do the rest, but we all have a great time doing so. So many of the guys on here amaze me each day with their skills, it will just be a matter of time before we see your good work as well.

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Jealous! I have got to get my group of friends to enjoy singing, dancing, and knitting. I'd be in hog heaven.


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Welcome Woodburn, this is a great place for questions like that. I personaly love Noro - I think someone here called it the crack cocain of yarn once and it is that for me. The way the color unfolds as you knit it is truly addicting. I've used mostly Silk Garden for hats and it is wonderfully soft. I've seen socks made from the sock yarn and I found them just as soft as lots of sock yarn out there. It's not merino but it's much softer then something like Sheltland. Really, "scratchy" is in the eye of the beholder, I have frieds that if I tell them something has wool content they immediately declare it "scratchy" but if I lie and tell them its something else they love it - so who knows. There are also lots of Noro look-a-likes out there that aren't quite as expensive but just as much fun to work with.