Men's Knitting Retreats

Just thought I'd provide an update on the most recent East Coast Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, and let everyone know about my plans for the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting reverse order.

I just finalized plans to attend the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting Retreat (MFKR).

I couldn't be more excited to meet me West coast counterpart in these retreats, WonderMike (and all the other guys!).

This news comes on the heels of having just finished a very successful second annual Men's Spring Knitting Retreat. Click here to see all the blog entries and a link to a consolidation of pictures from the event. Just seeing the pictures of all the guys makes me want to go back and do it all again.


kylewilliam's picture

Me too, Joe - it was another memorable retreat... can't wait till next year... when we get to do it all again!!!


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Wishful thinking....wistful sigh. Maybe in the future. (For both retreats.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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the spring retreat is about a year away... PLENTY of time for planning...saving... making it happen.

it'd be GREAT for you to join us, Joe... please?



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Joe's right! As a newbie at MSKR 2009, I was completely hooked by the joyful comraderie of *everyone*. Not to mention all the fantastic knitting/teaching/learning/playing that happened! -John