I finished my 3Suisses cardigan sweater

It was great to get a whole sweater done again. It's been a while since I've committed to a complete project.

So in the end I used worsted weight yarn and the tension matched the pattern. I think it looks like chunky/bulky wool in the picture is because the cable and rib rows are done as fisherman rib which makes those stitches look pretty big.

The best part is it worked all out - tension and dimensions look good. Of course I don't look like the model - but it feels pretty good to wear it. And there are a couple of minor mistakes which only the person who made it can find.

Except now it's getting to be summer and I'll have to wait for fall to get wearing it! Ok, I wore it last night to walk the dog - but everyone else out was in T's and shorts.

Now on to new and different projects... I actually think I might hang up the needles for the summer and look at writing an iPhone application for knitting - sort of a kit of tools to guage your needles, calculate tension, calculate how much yarn you might need.... that kind of stuff - does anyone have any ideas?

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You look great in this. I love the double-breasted design and I also think you picked an incredible color...glad to see you didn't go with navy, brown or black.

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You have proven, once again, "What's good is good!" The color, yarn selection, execution, design, model...all classic and well put-together. You made great choices.

Take a gander at some of the calculators I posted earlier...there's lots of inspiration for new applications.

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Let me echo what's already been said-beautiful! As to actually finishing a project, I hear you, brother!

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I absolutely love it. And it looks great on you. Definately something I'd wear too.

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Wow! That's a gorgeous sweater, the color is beautiful and looks great on you.



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Great job bud! Great color- can't wait to try the pattern.
And when you get to testing your app, I'm in line!

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I LOVE everything about it.

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Very nice. All the comments have said it better than I. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great design, great colour, great cardigan. Well done

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Congratulations on making a beautiful cardigan that actually fits - that's no small feat! It looks great on you.

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You look so cute in your new sweater - I just want to give a big hug! Nice job!

This is a wonderful sweater and it looks terrific on you. I know someone who would want one of these if I showed him this blog. You have done a wonderful job.