Unreasonably long

Much like I failed to correctly calculate the length of my afghan, I also recently miscalculated the length of this garter-stitch scarf I was knitting lengthwise. I'm not really sure what I was thinking or how in the hell I so severely erred when I whipped out the tape measure. But to say that it's "unreasonably long" is actually an understatement. I was going for a "long and skinny" scarf that seems pretty popular these days. I got the skinny down perfect: 4 1/2" wide. Perfect! The "long" part, though...yeah... It's over 150 inches long. For you metric folk, that's 11.43cm x 381cm (approximately). That's just absurd. Maybe if I price it REAAAAAALLY high, someone will buy it despite the nuisance because it appears much more precious than it really is. LOL I will say, though, that I liked the yarn a lot. Plymouth Yarn Kudo. Fun to knit with. Great colors and great striping.


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It looks quite fine and the nice part about the length is that it's both an accent scarf and a scarf for warmth.

How did you do you bind-off so that it wasn't tighter than your cast-on and regular knitting?

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I actually didn't do anything special. I just did a regular bind-off. My bind-offs tend to be a bit looser, so on something like a scarf knit normally, I usually switch to smaller needles about two rows away from the bind-off to keep it from splaying out too much. On this one, though, I just left them because I figured if it was a bit looser, it wouldn't be as noticeable, but it didn't end up being looser in the end. Maybe I'm just getting better? LOL

Clearly not at measuring, though. Heh.

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That's a great question that I've been wondering for a while. Someone showed me the "modified conventional bind-off" by Lucy Neatby the other day...and I adore it.


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Really, though, on a 6' person, after wrapping around the neck once or twice it's just fashionably long.

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Most people wouldn't be compalining about a little extra length.

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I get emails daily offering to help me out in that department.

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As Elizabeth Zimmermann always said, "It's bound to fit someone." Maybe a basketball player is looking for just that kind of scarf. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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it will make a great sash-belt...
and things knitted lengthwise seem to grow when thy come off the needles...