finished one blanket

i dont like it as i somehow picked up some pink and navy wool when it was supposed to be only red/grey/black/white leftovers. must have had a bad colourblind day.So its going to be my dogs blanket. and he needs one so its all good. Even if he doesnt look so impressed in the progress photo.

Now im onto my next blanket....

I spent the last two days designing it, then trying to make kpg to work. [i couldnt figure out how to use it & i couldnt be bothered figuring it out] and knitPro couldnt give me something big or clear enough, so i had to draw up a graph etc in illustrator and do all the maths. x stitches make y cms on these needles times blahdeblah = around 150cm. And im really really bad at maths. so it took aaaaalllll day to figure it out.

But i finally got it sorted. Hopefully my sums are right, and i come up with a blanket the right size! I hope it wont be a minature or i'll cry.

because its so big im going to have to knit it in panels. i hope in the end, the panels match up. if not then i guess i can hang it and say its art and i meant not to match up the pattern.


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I like the colors! Lucky dog. I've taken a cursory look at some of that knitting software, but can't wrap my head around it. I stick with the safety of my pencil and graph paper, though I sometimes have trouble working my pencil sharpener.

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it never does what you want it to anyway. best stick to the graph paper and pencil.

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Well my dog is dead jealous... he has a little blanket in stocking stitch and then a green light cushion and burgandy bed... both things very commercially produced... so my little Brock is as jealous as all hell. YEs I'll get around to making him something lovely to sleep on and ...easy to wash... but it will have to wait, I'm busy on socks and an aran... so he needs to get in line :)

Well done... I've not progressed to designing anything yet, that headache is yet to come

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