Baby Surprise Jacket Update

OMG! I am all about this pattern. After only starting and ripping out three times, I am halfway done. This beats a baby blanket hands down. I think that this is going to become the baby shower staple in my house.


PS: Can't wait for the West Coast Knitting retreat.


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Way to go, Buck! I had to rip out and restart several times, checking 3 different sets of instructions to see where I goofed up. Finally, the "Yeah" moment hit and smooth knitting prevailed. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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OMG What?

Drop a stitch? Break a nail?



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I've been itching to do the pattern- I do have the original E.Z. pattern from "The Opinioned Knitter...." Is that the best starting point? Got a better starting point? What did you find?

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I have the version from Knitting Workshop. I also found some vids on youtube that were extremely helpful. Just search Baby Surprise Jacket on youtube. This woman did six different segments dealing with different parts of the project. Actually, the pattern is dead on; although, the way it's written, it does seem vague. The videos helped cleat that up for me.

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I've made many of these and just love them. I've made them from new born to around 2T is size by using different yarns/needle sizes and they are all great. I've even knit the adult version once. The hardest thing about the pattern, from the start is the decreases.

For those who have not just tackled this project, the decreases are double decreases (sl 1, K2, psso or sl2, k1, psso or however YOU do it) this means that the CENTER stitch is the marked stitch therefore the marker is easiest to put in the fabric not on the needle. HUH? Use a safety pin or similar contraption to make the stitch and not one of the slip onto the needle ring type markers or your count will get off easily.