Square 9 LTKA

This square ia one of the Mosaic knitting parts of this book and it is a wonderful example of how these stitches work with the fabric to create a beautiful square. I had a lot of fun creating this square and with cotton the sqaure comes to live with the complementary Orange and blue. I am not home, but this square will block to size and will be replaced with the bamboo background that the others in the past have been showcased. Thanks for stopping by!


mrossnyc's picture

I love the color contrast, it really makes the pattern stand out. Haven't tried mosaic yet, and most of the pics I have are in black and white, but this makes it look much more interesting! Thanks for posting your latest square and enjoy your travels.

albert's picture

Love this square- it has a kind of funky '60s thing going for it.

mysterJay's picture

Very nice. I really like the colors.