And The Countdown Continues

Hi all you clogsters!

Even though the pattern explains the M1, W&T and the SSK should you need a visual on these techniques, Knittinghelp offers short video tutorials on how to accomplish these.  Merely click on 'abreviations explained' tab at the top of the page.

The video icons in blue are for English style and the pink are for Continental.  A pink AND blue video icon are for both. 

Just remember when you slip a stitch (with the exception of SSK) always slip it as if to PURL and all will be well with the universe!

Looking forward to tomorrow!  Now I'm off to finish balling my yarn.


RainCityRick's picture

I actually bought the CD from her site.  It has saved me a lot of frustration on many occasions (plus, you can view the videos when you don't have an internet connection available.)  It's great to be able to replay individual steps in, say, the long-tail cast-on, over and over again until you understand and can perform them.  I've found the purchase to be well worth the $20.00 USD.


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this site is awesome.  Thanks!



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I love Amy's site!  It was a godsend in helping me get going with knitting.  I was on it constantly when I first started.  I also ended up getting the CDs of her site.  Not so much for the info at that point, since everything that is on the CDs is also available for free on the website (with the exception of three small projects that she runs through).  But I did it more as a 'thank-you' to Amy and to hopefully help fund the site a little.  It imagine it isn't cheap to host all those videos!