OT: The Messiah Project Finished!!!

I have finally completed sequencing and converting, etc. every track for Handel's "Messiah" and wanted to share the preview with everyone.

The blog is Classical Arrangements and it's the latest post.

Here's the video preview that I uploaded to my youtube channel:

Classical music is one of the other things that I do while I'm knitting.

The blog tells the whole story.

I guess it sounds pretty decent for being all digital and electronic.

Hope you like it.



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Robert, I loved it...thank you.

I take my Messiah everywhere ... i have sung it and played (violin and viola) many times over the years but since working overseas... 4 years in an Asian Moslem country... then in a Buddhist country ... Buddhist/Christrian-Singapore it was played but I missed it... now in another Moslem country... I only get to play it on cd...

For the next few weeks I'm going to be knitting to Handel...thanks... usually I knit to Bach... Beethoven I just can't knit to...but anyway ... a big thank for that presentation.

Istanbul, Turkey


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Beautiful :) and what a wonderful last sound as I head off to bed. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Nice work.
I've done some sequencing in my day, and I know it can be a real labor of love. There was a large part of my life when I was a classical/church organist and choir director. Life has gotten in the way of all of that now, but I've never lost that special place in my heart for the great oratorios and such.
I know there are many views concerning electronic realizations of the great classics, and I for one believe that they can be a wonderful avenue of exposure for those who might not ordinarily listen to these great works. I fondly remember the days when as a teen I began listening to Bach, Monteverdi, Handel and others realized by the wonderful Wendy (Walter) Carlos. Those recordings helped spark an undying in all musical venues for so many. Keep up the good work!

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Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing this preview. Thanks for sharing it. Well done!


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You are a heraldic Messiah-maniac. Great work!

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