Child's Chemo Hat

Hello all,

I am hoping some of you can provide me with some leads for knitting patterns for a child’s chemo hat.

The 9 year old daughter of a friend of ours has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has started chemotherapy. She has started to lose her hair and she has asked me if I could make her a hat to help hide this fact. I’ve tried searching the Internet without very much success but I’ve found hats for adults and infants, but nothing for a 9 year old.

If any of you know of anywhere I can look, your input would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Chris (OtterTO)


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Hi Chris - I would say you could just take the baby pattern(s) and increase or take the adult one(s) and decrease the size. See if this page would help with that.
Good luck!!


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Hi Chris:

I have made a couple of hats for people undergoing chem and have honestly found it really meaningful and kind of healing to be doing that. At least it felt like I was doing something rather than simply being sad. It sounds like you have the chance not only to do somethign useful but also to communicate to this little girl that you are in her corner cheering her on. There really isn't a "chemo hat" per se, but there are a few considerations that you might want to keep in mind in choosing a pattern. First, I think that the fiber needs to be really soft. Imagine that all of the skin is super sensitive so anything hard or rough is out. You also will want something that is fairly easy to wash and not too warm - it will probably be worn indoors as well as outdoors.
I have been grateful for two patterns in particular - and they can both ramp up the funk factor which I think is impt too. (It might be fun if the little girl has chance to pick the patter and the colours with you -it woudl give her control over something in her life). First the YugiDean hat on - Joshua from this site designed it.
I knit it out of organic cotton for Jason, but you could certainly adjust the number of stiches of a 9 year old - and if you aren't sure how then someone on the site will certainly step up ot the plate on that. The second is a simple half dome hat that Victor mentionned on the site a couple of weeks ago - he was knitting for Jason's head but the pattern also has some instructions for smaller heads. (Knitty 2006)
I made mine out of ultra light alpaca and Victor makes other suggestions for fibre.

I would suggest that you choose a pattern that you like and then solicit the brilliant men of this site to guide you through the adjustments in stiches for size.

I hope that this helps.

Good luck - Phil

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Chris, I'vd found many hats here, I've also made many hats for chemo patients and have found that cotton wool blends are very comfortable for the wearer and also little girls like to look as "sassy" as possible so don't be afraid to pick a yarn and pattern with some style. I have a nephew who just passed from melanoma and I found that the most I could offer him was a sense of normalcy so go for cute and sassy more then strictly functional and you will make your little friend very happy. I also tell them that my hats are magic - and they are. As others have said, any hat pattern can be easliy adjusted to any size head.

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Best of luck -and wishes- to you and your young friend. I agree that a soft, easily cared for yarn is important. I knit several berets for a dear friend when she lost her hair during treatment and found Lion Brand "Homespun" worked very well. I began in the center of the crown and worked outward to fit the size, knit several rounds plain, then decreased down for the band of ribbing. Having her own input into your design will make the hat even more precious to your friend, no doubt. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Check out the directions from this episode of knitty gritty:,2025,DIY_14141_5551315,00.html
The hat has dredlocks built into it which could be another funky element that kid could enjoy.

Best wishes for her recovery!