Knitting Santa

I apologize for posting this off season, I meant to do it earlier. After reading an article here in MWK, around Christmas, about a Knitting Santa, I had wanted to make one for my spoilee in the Scarf project. I searched the internet but found little next to nothing. I thought about making one from scratch. But shortly thereafter, in my local hobby store, I ran across a Santa carrying nuts, berries and a twig with a great old fashioned outfit. I deconstructed the decorative ornament and repurposed it into a knitting Santa. I think it came out pretty good; but, I'm biased. I bought all the "dolls" they had in stock (Hobby Lobby); thinking they would make nice gifts next year... with modifications of course.

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Looks great! Well done...

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It's great! Santa's are one of my favorite things in the world. Second only to witches. Great job!

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American