Square 10 LTKA

I am really getting the hang of Mosaic Knitting , thanks to Harry for teaching that class at the MFKR 08. Mosaic knitting I have found is a very clever way of color work and you know when you have done the square right because it loks right. This is ahead of time as I will be in transition from Vacation next Thursday and may not have the opportunity to put this online. The squares that I have are really interesting. This has not been blocked as I do not have the place or time to do this. Thanks for stopping by!


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Wow, I really like the colors. Very bright and happy.

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I'll second that comment, mysterJay and raise you a "Really cool!" I'd love to learn that pattern. It's like "ooohh, look at the diagonals, no, they're little squares stacked up diagonally, no, wait, there's something going on in the background. Yeah, but there's this yellow zigzag line going on there too. No, it's the underlying stripes... "

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It is amazing the variegated yarn plays with your eyes as it changes colors so it is like you say something happening in almost every step of the way. It is a diagonal kind of stitch, but the color makes it more remarkable!

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Looks like a sunset on a clear day. Really nice!

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Very NICE! It makes me take a new look at Mosaic knitting. I've a copy of Walker's book about it but haven't delved too deep. Let's face it - She's a great designer/teacher but her color schemes were horrible. I recently found a sock pattern that does slipped stitches to help break the visual of handpainted yarns. This reminds me of that. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Andy! I've been watching all the Mosaic Knitting you've been doing! Very cool! This one is really interesting! I've only started one new Mosaic project since the retreat last fall--a pair of socks, which are presently on hold while I work on three sweaters! Maybe I'll get at least one sock done to show at the Labor Day retreat. harry

This is wonderful looking Andy~ I too like the color combos!

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Beautiful! I love the texture slip stitches create.