Any ideas for Circular Lap Blanket?

I made the Hemlock Ring blanket for a Christmas gift. And would like to make 2 more different types of round lace-ish lap blankets. I am not looking for something simple and "flat looking." The Hemlock Ring was nice because it has the center which stands out nicely. Of course I could look at doily patterns but I have to tell ya, I would not be good at extending the edges if necessary.

Any ideas or pattens to share?

I would like something along these lines (I bought the girasole pattern too).


I am finishing off MMario's 'easy-peasy'. I am working in lace weight, but this pattern would easily translate to a heavier weight for a lap robe. Just a thought.

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I just borrowed Marianne Kinsel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting from the library. Her patterns are linked on ravelry, and some people reinvented them. I'm considering her azalea design, but her Sun Ray design in the tea cloth size is more eye-catching...I don't know enough to tell you quite how to make it work for sizing, though...I would guess you could do swatches in heavier yarns to see how the stitches look.

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Hi Rob,
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Here is a Ravelry Link for some ideas.

I thought these two were quite interesting:

Alita Blanket

Old Shale



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Hi, Rob! No suggetions to offer, just want to say nice to see you!

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I highly recommend Girasole- I knit one earlier this year and enjoyed the pattern very much, although I would recommend buying a little more than the recommended amount of Cascade "Pastaza"; I ran out halfway around the edging, and went a bit crazy trying to match the dye lot.

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Have you ever thought of making a square one? I feel they are so much more useful as a blanket than a round one. I second the suggestion for Marianne Kinsel's books. She has many square tablecloths that could be adapted. Mario has a lovely square pattern called Spanish Armada. Or make up your own with different lace patterns. Good luck.

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I recommend EZ's Pi Shawl. In worsted or sport weight, using larger needles, it makes a nice lap robe. Simple to knit, easy to add lace to (if wanted) and you can stop it anytime you feel it's big enough. If you want square, I will put in a shameless plug for my easy "staggered seed stitch" afghan that I wrote up for MWK under my square for Jason. Again, easy to stop whenever you want. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yeah...what Joe said...(I was gonna, but he got to it before me...good show!)

Oh yeah, and HI Rob! Haven't seen you in forever. How's it going?


Thank you for your suggestions. I think I will buy a Kinsel book. I have had it in my Amazon cart off and on for a year. And I will check out your other ideas too!

I am thinking of doing squares in the future but I sort of wanted circular for a "theme" for my mom, and two sisters. I found some neat "counterpane" squares online...and of course purlyman did a terrific baby blanket doing squares.

And thank you for your kind hellos!