Help with a garter stitch baby sweater!!

So I've blocked this garter stitch baby sweater. I like the way the sweater turned out, but unless the baby's right arm is a lot longer than his left, I'm in trouble. Any suggestions?


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How much of a size difference is there? I can see a little bit, but not a big difference. If the difference is small, I would say to not even worry about it, they can always roll a cuff.

Carry the baby around by the right arm for a few days, then the baby will fit the sweater just perfectly.

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As best I can see, it looks like a gauge difference: Being more familiar with the pattern, you probably knit looser for the second sleeve. I just discovered a similar problem with a pair of socks I did a while back. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It appears that when you attached the right sleeve, you eased it in in a way the scrunched it toward the center of the sweater a little...if that makes any sense.

If it's okay to make the right sleeve longer, and you used wool, I would just try blocking the armhole opening and the sleeve on the right side of the sweater to make them closer to even.

If you used acrylic, or you need to make the left sleeve shorter, it would require some re-knitting or minimally some re-sewing of the arm.

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No one will notice when the baby is wearing it. Like Andrew, I can hardly tell from picture. What's that sweet baby's name anyway? He makes me want one. I miss babies.

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Elizabeth Zimmermann talks about taking a thread and passing it along inside the stitches where it will be hidden, and sort of pulling things together a bit. It is not really noticeable in the picture so something like that should work fine I think. There are some stretchie threads out there that are likely better than elastic. (None of my body parts are real symmetrical, so maybe just measuring the baby and make sure the longer sides match. BTW, that is called an engineering solution. ) Anyway, I hope the thread thing works if needed. john

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Have you considered re-blocking it and trying to "scrunch" the long arm a little shorter, while stretching out the short arm a bit?

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It looks great - it's handmade - turn a cuff up!

I find that how you stitched in the sleeves can make a lot of difference. Did you use an edge to edge flat seam on both?

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if it were perfect then it wasn't hand made :p I can hardly see the difference, of all the ideas I think I would try Albert's first, no ripping out and redoing, and there is SOOOOO much you can fix with some creative blocking :p

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Thanks for all of the ideas. I think I'll try to re-block it first and do the "scrunch one side and pull the other". If that doesn't help, then a rolled cuff it is!!!