Sad news

Like we need more bad news around here but...I was going thru a months worth of old emails tonight from the GLB Knit List and saw the Witt Pratt (Washington DC) passed away May 19th. I don't know that he ever made it over here to Men Who Knit but some of you may know him from one of the other many, many knit lists etc that he was involved with. I met him once a few years ago at Stitches West in Oakland and he was such a great kind, gentle huge bear of a man. Wish he would not have been working a booth and we could have spent more time together, I will always have that memory of him. It is very strange as only last week I was doing something on the net and ran interview with him...the universe works in mysterious ways.


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I appreciated reading the interview - made me think about why I knit. I am sorry our community has lost such a wise and articulate member.