Finished... Finally... and lesson learned

A baby blanket I just finished for a teacher friend who's expecting next month. I'm sick of stockingette. Hate working with cotton! Hate it hate it hate it!
It's Cascade luna, on 8s. No stretch whatsoever to the yarn- a lot like knitting with kitchen twine.
I wasn't wild about the border in the original pattern, so I improvised with crochet. I'm satisfied. But NO MORE COTTON!


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It looks good, though. I've never particularly cared for knitting iwth cotton either - it seems to fight you on every stitch.

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In my it ever so humble...I think that using cotton/acrylic blends is MUCH preferable to 100% cotton when it comes to knitting and crocheting.

I'm sure there are others, but GGH makes a 50% cotton/50% microfiber yarn (the Aran/worsted weight version is called Samoa) that is a lot easier to work with than 100% cotton...the colors are great and it's machine washable.

Like you, I don't ever think I'll knit in 100% cotton, except for doing fine lace perhaps.

The blanket looks great and I love the simple shell edging you did in crochet.

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Would that I could have.... the parents are doing the whole vegan "green baby" thing... to the point of stripping their entire house of paint and repainting with VOC paint. Which ruled out the possibility of anything synthetic...
But it's done!

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I'm surprised that they are willing to have a baby- babies are, after all, made out of meat. The blanket is beautiful, especially the contrast between the stockinette and the crochet. I've never knit with cotton yarn, but have handled it in the yarn store; my reaction, "this is pretty, but it's string"!

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:) I love that...made of meat... Reminds me of my favorite bumper sticker that read "I LOVE babies!... They're great on toast"

Course I love kids, but that one just made me laugh, as did your comment.

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I can so empathize, considering I just knit a baby blanket in cotton/acrylic as well. I must say, though, that I LOVE the border on yours. Stuff like that really makes me want to learn to crochet. I have a crochet hook, I just haven't gotten around to learning it. :-) Great work!

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"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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Looks great ... :)
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That's beautiful, I love the colors! I have knitted with 100% cotton and agree with your assessment. I like Knit Picks Shine which is a cotton/modal blend, don't know if that would be considered green or not.



Know what you mean about cotton, but this is beautiful - especially the border.

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I don't like cotton either to knit with or to wear (knitted), like Joe, I only use it for fine lace work. Mercerized seems to work best for me. Isn't it funny how many of us don't like working with cotton and yet there is so much of it out there. Our LYS devotes a whole aisle to it.

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Oh Eric....why do you beat about the bush? Tell us what you really think about knitting with cotton....LOL. The finished work is beautiful,

I'm working with Cotton Fleece on English Mesh lace right now, using Techknitter's SYTP replacement for left-leaning decreases and slipping knits in the last row of ribbing, and her other hints for the details that make better-looking objects. K2 tog is a pain unless I stretch the loops as I go. This yarn has more give, I think.

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Yes, cotton can be a pain. However, with such lovely results, I am glad you stuck to it. The crochet edge looks quite good and makes the blanket for me. I've got a project with cotton that stalled out, but that's a personal thing. Will have to consider some of the other yarns listed for the future. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I too find 100% cotton problematic. I never get the guage right, the plys tend to seperate and it stretches but doesn't spring back. I have found some nice blends that I do like to work with. The blanket is beautiful and the crochet border is gorgeous.

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For many of the reasons previously mentioned, I too am not a fan of cotton. At least not for knitting.

I am finding that the King Tut cotton I bought a while ago (tried to knit something with and frogged it) is working well for my experiments with sprang.

Love the new look.

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Doesn't it just make you want to peel a grape?

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I bought some lovely soft slightly bubbly cotton when I was in New York to knit a baby item. I think it was a manos de uraguy one and I bought it from a small knitting shop that also sold cakes....

It was lovely and soft and much nicer than the usual cotton...

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The blanket looks great, I always liked seeing a crocheted edge on a knit blanket, always makes it look more finished.
I'm with everyone else, I hate cotton too, I like bamboo much more.
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It looks like the perfect baby blanket. I've used cotton to make an afghan. It wasn't easy to work with, but I like the results. Then I found some great cotton, $.70 a ball, in great colors that I'm using to knit caps. Enough yarn in a ball for two caps. They are comfortable to wear when it's cool, but not cold enough for wool.

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The caps are great! Cotton is intriguing- especially the natural browns and greens. I'm tempted to try it on a small project like your caps.

Cotton can be a drag but....this looks wonderful! And like others, I need to learn how to crochet a border like that. it makes the blanket perfect.

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Sorry....! I love to work with cotton. Each fiber has it own way . I get "yarns" to fit a specific job... cotton, silk, linen, wool ...etc ! Each has its own story and method. But, I design the pattern for that specific yarn and method. With cotton, a very specific hand must be applied . It will shown any variances in your knitting. It is very unforgiving . But like all challanges, it is worth the time and effort if selected properly.
If you want the fabric to hide your work and effort....why bother ?

Hold on....

People like to work with cotton and that is great. I have used cotton on a few things and have been pleased. I was empathizing with him because sometimes it can be a difficult to get used to it in my experience.

If you enjoy cotton too...that is terrific :)

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Yeah... I find 100% cotton a little too "squeaky" for me.
The only cotton I REALLY like working with in "Cascade Fixation", 98.5% cotton 1.5% lycra.

It has such a nice stretch to it, and a really nice bumpy texture, but not as difficult as a bouclé. I particularly like it for making socks, because of it's summer comfort, and stretch.

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The blanket looks great.