blocking silk lace

so i'm finishing up a lace project. i used claudia hand painted yarns 100% silk...... it's so dreamy....... any suggestions on blocking?

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I recently finished a silk lace project. I was told the best way to block it was to pin it out in the shape I wanted it and then spray water on it to get it completely wet. After it dried, it was blocked.

This worked very well for my project.

that is very good info to know...thanks

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This is going to sound really unconventional but it works. If you have a low pile carpet that's clean vacuum it well. If it's not clean put a clean bed sheet on it. Dampen the piece in water and spread it out on the floor. Using only rust proof pins, "spread" the piece into shape with your fingers and pin it right to the carpet. It will dry really quickly. The low pile carpet (I have a clean oriental) makes just the right "pad" for blocking/pinning I think and just a bit of moisture didn't seem to hurt it (I think mine's wool/silk) My piece dried in less than 4 hours. Let the carpet dry after you pick up the work. Don't works!