Spinning Wheel FINALLY

ok so today I finally took the time to take the picture of the spinning wheel. I just didnt' realize how close it's getting to time for me to go! omg 25 days and counting! so here she is in all her beauty, I also have accessories for her, unfortunately I never did get around to getting a swift and winder to go with it. So once again, if you live in Michigan and can pick it up that would be great, if not, and you still want it I have to ask you to pay for shipping, still a lot cheaper than buying one. I really don't have an idea of what shipping will cost, but from what I understand it's between 50 and 100 dollars. I will decide next friday who it's going to.


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I have just like that, darker wood, in Melbourne, in the garage of my parents' house. Here in Turkey I haven't actually seen any spinning wheels at all. I presume they have them, probably out east where it is pretty wild... as in -10 degrees in the winter, over 40 degrees in the summer and ... no electricity yet... thank god I don't live out east... too primative for me and the war...
Best of luck with the wheel, I hope it goes to a good home. I hope it doesn't end up gathering dust like my one.

Istanbul, Turkey