Non-Knitting: Fun With Sprang - or - Weaving Without Weft

I had the opportunity a couple of weekends ago to learn the very basics of sprang ( a technicque of twisting warp threads to produce a fabric. I was REALLY intrigued by it and wanted to practice a bit more on my own. So, I fashioned this small practice frame out of an inexpensive embriodery scroll frame and some wooden dowels from Joann's Fabrics and some leftover King Tut Cotton yarn from a project that just never came to be.

This piece isn't really anything other than a swatch since I'm just playing with the technique. But it looks like with the sides sewn up and a drawstring through the top loops, it might be a nice little bag. With the next piece I will attempt a looser tension. With a larger frame I should be able to more easily produce some nice market bags. I have a knitting pattern for those, but as previously mentioned in Vsidart's blog, I just haven't got the desire to knit with the cotton so sprang might just be my answer for how to make use of what I've still got.

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Great job, very resourceful and looks fantastic! I'm delighted to see weaving as well as knitting coming from your hand!

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Great work, Aaron. Isn't sprang fantastic fun? I highly recommend Peter Collingwood's magnum opus on the art. It's probably out of print but check into an interlibrary loan. Wonderful book. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

What an interesting old form of work and your improvision is great. Pre-dating knitting and all too! The fabric looks good....