Sister's Sweater

Okay....I'm a fool. I opened my mouth and said that I would make my sister a sweater. However, all the stuff that I want to knit, she doesn't like. It has to be simple, not busy, no stripes, not stranded, no get the picture.
Can anyone point me to an easy pattern that I can do for her? I'm hoping for something that I can do the round and that's not chunky, Blech! However, I'd like it to have a little something to keep my interest while I knit it.
Why did I open my mouth?




Check out this site Man I am lucky I guess, my sister loves anything I make for her with certain color considerations. Good luck.

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what about a simple top down raglan for her? or possibly a guernsey (check out Elizabeth Zimmerman / Schoolhouse Press) - have her send you photos of sweaters she likes.... maybe that'll help...

let us know what happens :)



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I usually have someone I am knitting for send me some links to the style they like, then work from there.

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I've had luck taking the recipient of a gift to the lys and letting them get a sense of what you could be working with...or showing or sending them samples of the yarns you already have in the needed amount. The yarn store visit creates a focused atmosphere to decide what yarn, color and weight you both DON'T WANT, and if they have a book selection, letting the giftee see either sample patterns from their collection or sample stitches that are acceptable. Kind of like building a contract with a client, but the critical part is making a series of either this...or that decisions, IMHO.

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Maybe you should go with one of the very simple handknit twinsets from the 1940's and 1950's...sleek lines and a luxurious yarn, topped off with moderate sized pearl buttons. "Tres Chic" in a Coco Chanel kind of way. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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super simple, easy sweater, the raglan. all i did to snap it a little is added an interesting color for first 4-6 rows at bottom edge and neck line and sleeve edge.

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Thanks for all of the good advice. I told her to go to the DROPS site and tell me what she likes. Man, does she ever have conservative taste. Tallman came to my rescue with a great pattern too. Now I just need to get the yarn.
You guys ROCK!


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