My first post and the best baby blanket ever!

Howdy guys.

I wanted to share with you the first project I've completed in years and possibly the greatest (and easiest) baby blanket pattern I've ever seen.

My brother, sister and I are all adopted, therefore, there hasn't been a live birth in my family in over 60 years. Needless to say, when my sister announced a month ago that she's pregnant, we all went nuts. My mother and I actually got into a fight over who would knit the receiving blanket that would go to the hospital with my sister on the big night. As the oldest son (and considering the fact that I just went ahead and knit the damned thing) I got to knit the blanket.

The blanket is a two foot square, all knit stitches, with a three inch scalloped border. It was knit with "I'm so allergic to wool" cotton on size 11 circular needles. When I first saw the pattern, I thought, "Oh crap, knitting and knitting and knitting, wonderful," but I was surprised, the blanket starts and ends with only one stitch. The rest is created with increases and decreases and the border is done separately and added at the end.

Anyone interested in further information, or that just wants to chat or whatnot.......hit me up.



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Do you have a pic you can post? And congrats on becoming an expectant uncle!!


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Yeah for babies, but thank god I don't know anyone pregnant. Most of my friends know I knit...and I have neither the time nor the inclination to work with cotton or other "baby safe" fibers.
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Would love to see a pic. Welcome to MWK great to have you with us.



Welcome Will!

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Hi Will! welcome! now, where's the knitting porns? we want porns!
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