Why can I not find time to knit?

My life is a little crazy right now. I had my last Final of the term today, and I have only summer term left and I will finally graduate. I have no feelings at the moment about being so close to graduating, it is just unreal after so long. I have lost count of the number of pages I have written over the last two weeks, and I no longer have toner in my printer because of the number of pages I have printed. I have an internship for the summer, at the same place I have worked the last two summers, and I love the job, and can not wait to start again. The problem though is that I have to move back with my parents. We live in the country and I am allergic to both the dogs and the grass that permeate the house, and the drive to work each day is much longer than I think is acceptable. I really need to move somewhere else, but I hate renting an apartment for just three months. When the summer is over I will have finished my internship and the two online classes that I need to graduate, and I will finally be free from this damn university. I am now 25, and have become so jaded by my life in recent years I just want to take all the bright optimistic 18-year old dorm dwellers aside and share with them the hell that the next 2-7 years will be for them. I say two years not meaning that they will graduate in two years, but that after two years many of them will fail to get into their program's upper division classes and will drop out. The rest of us are here for 5-7 years just to complete a four year degree. How can an education system be said to be successful when over half of all students fail College Algebra their first time through the class? Mind you this is not calculus, this is basic algebra, and one third of the class drops after each of two midterms. Before taking this class I had Monday free to knit, but the last three months every Monday I had to slog through 50-75 utterly pointless math problems. Haven't they done quite a few studies recently that showed excessive amounts of homework actually decreased student performance? I used to have plenty of time to knit, Monday was free, Tuesday I had one knitting group at the wine bar downtown, Wednesday was taken up by dancing (but that was the only night so it is forgiven), Thursday alternates between knit and spin night at my LYS (but I don't spin yet so I just bring my knitting anyway) and then Friday-Sunday was split between parties and knitting. This last term however I have been lucky if I knit for even a few hours once a week. I keep saying I need to find time to knit, but my life keeps getting in the way, and I have tons of projects that will never get done at this rate. I think it is rather sad that the most time I have had recently to knit was when I got bronchitis, and then I could only knit for about four hours over three days because I was too sick to even think about knitting for most of a week. On to happier topics though, I have a new business venture in mind, and a good prospect at a job after the summer is over. I may be running a ballroom dance studio, and teaching almost all the classes. Now if I can somehow de-stress from this term. My mental clarity will hopefully return soon.