Hi all,

I just wanted to take a few seconds to introduce myself, after all, a stranger in your midst (though I don't feel like I'm a stranger) must be frightening for all off you.

I'm Jonathan, the guy who has the privilege to be taking care of Jason, the blanket arrived today and Jason has been cuddled up in it ever since. At the moment he can't thank you guys yet, as somehow watching the computer screen, or any screen for that matter, seems to be giving him fits.

I will write more soon!



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well very nice to meet you hope you given Jason all my best and tell him he is in my prayers very day and god bless you for being a good support person for him we love you both and send smiles your way

It's nice to see the person taking such great care of Jason. Thank you for letting us know the blanket arrived safely. Both of you are in my thoughts and I send you both big hugs.

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it's wonderful to have you with us...and we're very grateful to you for taking such good care of Jason.


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Welcome to the group officially! Glad to see you here. Tell Jason (for us) no rush - we know he's thankful - and I'm personally glad he's snuggled up (sleeping I hope) with his blanket... it means a lot to all of us to know he's wrapped up in it - surrounded by the collective love that made it... we're all thinking good thoughts - for him *and* you -

Keep in touch!



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Jonathan . . . welcome, officially, to MWK. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we hope you will keep in touch with everyone here, both about Jason and yourself. People who choose to be caregivers are a unique, very special bunch of people, and even when words don't express it, are appreciated a great deal by so many. I was glad to hear that the blanket arrived so quickly, and that it is embracing Jason with the love and compassion that is in each square, contributed by so many kind people all over the world.

Your devotion to Jason's care has a bit of a connection to an article I just read in our local newspaper on our island. A local man has just organized a new initiative, Gabriel's Caregivers, what will help the ill, elderly, etc. to assist them to remain in their homes (vs. going to a long term health care facility), and will focus on caring for men.

Take care of yourself, as you take care of Jason . . and keep in touch here.


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JOnathon - you are most definately not a stranger - just family we don't know real well yet...

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Welcome Jonathan!

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Thanks for everything you do - and welcome to the group! Well, I actually think of you as having been a member of MWK for quite a while now!

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oh, wait... it's they've all said, you're family. There's lots of love for you here, and it's wonderful to put a 'voice' and a face to the man we've come to appreciate a good deal.


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oh a stranger! Does you has candies?

How the heck are you Jonathan? Jason is very lucky to have someone like you to take care of him, and we're all glad you keep us up to date on how he's doing. Welcome!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Jonathan, it has all been said in the previous blogs but thank you again for looking after our Jason. He is very special as you also have become to all of us here. Just knowing Jason has his blanket and so much love and support it brings is thanks enough, just tell him he is in my heart and I think of him every day.
Hugzzzzzzzzz to both of you

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Please know that love which made for the warm snuggles Jason is getting from the blanket is also sent to you!


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Welcome to the family!
It's great to hear from you and that the blanket arrived so quickly!


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Hi Jonathan and welcome.
It's good to meet you, and to know that you are taking good care of Jason. Thanks for letting us know the blanket arrived. Hope to see you and Jason more often on MWK:)

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Welcome indeed, Jonathan. It makes me glad knowing that Jason and you can snuggle under all the love and best wishes we send to you. Blessings on both of you. Take care - Joe --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's so nice to meet you. You are a godsend to Jason and you and he are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Hope to hear from you regularly. Are you a knitter?



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Nice to meet you and thank you for the help you are providing Jason. Glad to hear he's enjoying the blanket. Take care!

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very nice to meet you!!! Glad that you have joined the family! This has been said alot, Thank You! for being there to watch over and help Jason. You are a blessing to him I am sure! I have been praying gor you both and will continue to pray for you both. Let Jason know this also please. Thank you again for being the special Angel in Jason life!
Hugs and Love to you Both!
Barry-Kilted Knitter