That is one of the worst puns of all time. In any case, I'm just writing to talk about how incredibly addicted I've become to my Addi Click set. I got a HUGE gift certificate to my favorite LYS from my partner back in March for my birthday. Honestly, with my huge stash of yarn already staring up at me, I couldn't bear to add even more to it without paring it down a bit. So I went in and saw the Addi Click set taunting me in all its neatly-packaged glory and I slapped down my gift certificate and walked out with it. I have been knitting EVERYTHING with it! Even stuff I don't knit in the round is getting the Addi treatment. I'm such a needle snob. What's that sound? The delightful tinkling of my nickel-plated addi's.

Wait...that made it sound like they're peeing.

You know what I mean. LOL


chipsir's picture

Oh my!!!!!!!!!!! Yes arn't Addis a delight, I too am becoming a needle snob. I just love them although mine are the regular nickleplated and I also have a huge amount of the brass lace needles as well. Happy tinkling lol.

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As much as I enjoy my knitting, I draw the line at knitting while I'm tinkling.

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Metal-hard rod in your hand, dripping. I just can't wrap my mind around that image, somehow. Oh, well, I have a linen red lace mesh wife-beater to finish for Fulsom East...back to work!

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