I'M A GRANDMA!!!!! again

May I present Geoffrey Ryan, 4.3kilo, 56cm. or 9lbs 8oz and 22inches long to the great unwashed.


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Oh congratulations! he's gorgeous!

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Congrats!!! Looks so peaceful. Beautiful baby!!!


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Congrats! I've been called unwashed, but you're the first to think it's great.

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Congrats! How exciting....

May he always be both blessed and a blessing.

Grace and Peace,

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hooray! congrats! time to knit things for baby!!! ;)



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...hope you will be able to see him often...in your travels around the world...

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Congrats! We all know he'll be getting some great knitted baby clothes!!

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Congradultions! He's beautiful - what a head of hair!

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Beautifully handsome child. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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What a handsome little guy! Congratulations!!!



Wow. You didn't even wrap him in one of your hand knitted blankets before you took the picture. Good move! Then we would have been looking more at the blanket than the baby! We can't wait to see him wrapped up in all the great projects you no doubt have in mind.

Big kid! 9#, off to a great start.



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Unfortunately I was unable to go to N. Dakota to see him. I had had plans to go for the birth, but she had problems, the baby was cutting off circulation to her lower extremities so induced her labor early. He was actually due today. But the shipment of baby things is on it's way to her and I didn't have a chance to take pictures before I shipped them out, I knitted for a newborn, not a 3 month old so I don't know for how long he'll be able to wear anything O.o if at all.
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American


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congrats love!!!
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Change your thoughts; change your world.

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