Wrap It Up

I had trouble uploading a picture, you can find it here:

The original idea for this scarf is in Simply Knitting, Issue 54, May.

The written pattern had some mistakes, like missing rows, so this is what we concocted together from the picture in the magazine. I’m sure it’s not exactly the same, (so we can give it a new name!) but the intended effect is there. The original is also short and has buttons. In any event this is a perfect one skein wonder for that oddball skein of yarn that goes with nothing else in your stash.

When doing a knit stitch, the yarn wraps around the needle once and pulled through the loop. (We know that.)
When doing a KW2 stitch, the yarn wraps around the needle twice and pulled through the loop.
So naturally in a KW3 stitch, the yarn wraps around the needle thrice and pulled through the loop.

When knitting back the other way on wrapped loops, only knit through the first of the loops and let the other 1 or 2 wrapped loops fall off the needle.

Let’s call this “Wrap it Up” because it knits quickly for last minute gifts!

Cast on 34 Stitches

Knit four rows

5th row: K2, * KW2, KW2, KW3, KW3, KW2, KWS, K2 (repeat from * )

Knit four rows

10th row: KW3, KW3 * KW2, KW2, K2, KW2, KW2, KW3, KW3, (repeat from * )

Repeat rows 1-10 for desired length, then knit four rows and bind off.


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Back when I was new to MWK with my innocence still intact (hush! I can hear you laughing) I had seen this pattern and someone told me it's the seafoam scarf. I have seen the stitch refered to as the butterfly stitch. Here's a link to the pattern that I think is MUCH easier to follow.


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