FInished the Sweater Sampler!

It's taken me about 4 months and I'm finally done with the sweater sampler!.  For those of you who havn't read earlier postings about this, it's from a book called "The Sweater Workshop" 2nd Edition, by Jacqueline Fee.  Her whole thing is knitting sweaters in the round from the bottom up, doing the sleeves from the bottom up, joining them to the body in progress, then finishing the neck.  Voilà, no seams to sew.

I picked up a number of new skills, including understanding increases and decreases much better, knitting with two colors at the same time, creating I-cords and knitted belts, creating pockets (she even shows you how to add a pocket AFTER you're done with the garment), creating a placket, short rows, and multiple ways to finish a sweater (lace, I-cord, ribbing, hem).  I highly recommend this book to any other newbie out there as well as to any of you experts that are knitting your sweaters in pieces and then sewing them together and would like to try something different.

You can see the pocket I added after the fact; it's the purple line in the middle on the sampler back.  The next photo shows the pocket inside out.  Of everything I did, this freaked me out the most because you start by snipping a stitch, which is the center of the pocket, then you pick up the freed stitches with dpn's and knit the pocket in the round to the depth you want it to go.  I have to say I'm glad I'm done because I was definitely experiencing project fatigue with this one!



WoW!  After finishing this there nothing you can't do!  Great job and thanks for the book info.


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Thanks for the vote of confidence!  Now to get those clogs finished.

Im glad someone else has this book.  I bought it a couple of months ago and haven't really gotten round to doing anything with it apart from looking at the pictures. I  must admit it didnt sound as straight forward to me as I would have preffered but to be honest I havn't really read it cover to cover yet. I really impressed with the test you did, I feel  a bit more confident after seeing yours so I think Im gonna finally give it a go. Excellent, I now know where to come if I need a bit of friendly advice. Smile

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I say, go for it!  The directions are for the most part pretty straightforward.  There were only a few times that I didn't get something and it was my own fault for interpreting directions incorrectly, even though I'd followed the very same "turn your work" multiple times before and decided that meant something else when part of my brain decided to take a vacation without telling me....

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Warren, great job on the sampler!!  I did one too, along with my co-worker Ruth-Anne a few months ago.  We'd have a weekly knit-along and work on our samplers.  They both turned out great.  And don't you feel empowered enough to start a whole sweater now? 

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Absolutely!  Ken, have you done the basic sweater?  I'm assuming your samplers were from the same book.

I bought the book on the way home. Clogs, sweaters, unfinished projects, just start something else!!!!!! 


Knit away, knit away

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Enjoy the book, Martin.  I know you're a lot more experienced, so if you do the sampler, you could omit or cut way short the techniques you already know -- or just jump right to the basic sweater!

Ok, Warren:


We HAVE GOT to do a Gansey together!  I need a help mate to get me through the Steeks.  If you've gotten this far then it's just a short hop to help Old Mike from Tampa get on with a Gansey project.  Now listen:  we won't do a full-sized sweater - we'll do a doll sized sweater just to get the feel of the thing and the steek thing out of the way.


What do you say?????   Come on . . . . We can do it.  You're my inspiration . . . .

~Mike in Tampa (who's not above GROVELLING . . . .    ) 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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Hey Mike,

I thought I'd save steeking for MUCH further down the road!  LOL.  I need to finish my 17-year old sweater (knit in separate pieces of course) first, then do the easy crew neck that's in the book.  Of course, I do have several nieces that would love a sweater for their dolls.  Hmmm...  How many projects can I manage at once?  Tongue out

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Lars, I am going to start the basic sweater, probably sometime in the fall.  The project fatigue came in while doing the I-cord and the knitted belt; I was bored out of my gord and had to force myself to come back to finish those two things up.