My version of Faux Lace

Mum liked the colors. I almost cried at the festival stand. Mum thought they matched a blouse she owns. I thought I'd ditch a pair of patriotic socks and make her a shawl. Mum's birthday is July 4. I finished blocking my candle flame shawl overnight. Whoo hoo!

Check it out on ravelry:

Right now I am thrilled to have one sister who would be delighted to receive as many shawls and scarves as I wish to create for her. My mom is less artistically inclined, but one or two good shawls can never hurt, can they? (A lesser-known secret: Southern New Jersey is like a small town, kinda rural/backwoodsy and not very cultured. Hence, I have to travel a good bit to find a yarn store. So this is an uphill trek, finding a demand for shawls and knitted stuffs. This is also why I don't sing in a choir.)

I think of this as a lace project, but it was only as I finished this shawl up that I realized I had been mistaken. It was merely the effect of lace I was getting, thanks to my first venture with hard blocking. Loved that part. I want to make more shawls now. I love the feel and the drape and the look...I just have one question for you guys...what suggestions do you have for shawls that I might get away with wearing? (nervous) I know they're out there, but they're eluding my grasp.

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Hi, WillyG. I made a suggestion on another post about wearing a knitted lace stole/scarf as a neck muffler, then draping it over the shoulders to help block drafts and such when indoors. I do this with a fairly wide Nepalese prayer scarf that I bought in New York City last October and have yet to have any negative reactions from people around me. I've yet to do it with a knitted piece - for total disclosure - but think it wouldn't create a fuss. Unless using really fine yarns, though, I would be careful not to have it bunch up too much at the neckline. Although, come to think of could partially fold it lengthwise, then lay it over the shoulders as you crisscrossed it over the chest. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I guess I was right the first time...people assure me this shawl is definitely lace. Cool by me!! whoo-hoo!

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