To My Fellow Pointers In NYC

Dear Ellissa from The Point looks in fine fettle from her trip to Peru. I visited her on her first day at Annie's on Madison and 93rd. She was learning where all the merch was, and I had a short stay with her and the other fine folks at Annie's. My best to her success there...I know she will be a terrific asset to, now, my LYS. I can spend my money anywhere...and I buy from good people I like and trust.


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What a nice thing to say about someone and their shop i only wish we had a decent lys here in Troy ny but all we have are the craft shops so we must make do

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Do you own the building that your store is in? I seem to recall there being something else there too. Perhaps you could open a yarn store next to the liquor store!

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Bob and Aaron:

The marketing of such an endeavor boggles the mind!

Purls Before Wines
Knit Responsibly
Another For Ewe
Top Shelf Yarns
What Goes Well with Merino? Merlot or Tequila?
Fleece, Fur and Hair of the Dog

And I'm sure the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, the NYSDOT and the Traffic Safety Council will look kindly on:

Don't Knit And Drive!

'Your goal of life is not to arrive at the grave safely and well maintained; but rather to skid in full throttle coming to a screeching stop shouting, "Holy S**t! What a Ride!"'

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.