Hey everyone,

Albert asked me in response to my previous blog-item whether I myself did any knitting, I do, though as I have heard a certain person we all know and love say, I suck ass at it, and I am slower than the slowest snail, I do actually knit. I have attached two pics so you can see the monstrosity I'm creating this time.


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obviously the uploading of the pictures did not work.....computers never did seem to like me, any help??

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Jonathan, it is not you. Apparently there is a problem with uploading pics. Thanks for trying though. Hugs and warm greetings to both of you. Knitting is for whatever you draw from it so you just carry on.
Love and blessings

Do you have a blog you can post them to Jonathan? There seems to be a problem here at the moment. Hugs to you and Jason.

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picture uploads seem to have gone holiday. But I think Andy knows the secret. O.o

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American