One down...

Thought I'd post a pic of the first of (probably) many Christmas stockings for family members. It hasn't been blocked yet, so maybe I can get some up of "lumps" out of the sides... we'll see.But I'm pretty pleased with it. It's amazing what you learn just *doing* a project, huh? Oh... if you squint a little when you look at it, it looks better. heheh

The second pic is of the inside after the ends were woven in. 

Time to start on some clogs!

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very cute!!!  i was about to sign up for a "christmas in july" class, a four week christmas stocking class until i realized i am going out of town the first day of the class!! i guess i will have to wait until next july to get started on christmas stockings. 
btw, looks great....even with the lumps!!  =P 

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WinkWhy Gryph you talented little devil you!  That is one great looking stocking.  I can't tell by the photo what the dimentions are.... but it's fantastic.  Who'd have thought you were good for something else besides making fun of me in the chat room.  Good work.

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Well this is the second multi-color project I've seen this week that has made me want to try my hand.  Really great job.


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Good lord, that's beautiful!  Clogs, Christmas Stockings, Penguins... so many projects I want to do, so little time.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

You guys are kind. Mucho thanks for the great comments!

Lars, I'd never thought about a coat hanger inside. That's a great idea! 

Chris, I realized after I posted it that I'd meant to take a picture with a tape measure for dimensional referrence. The stocking is 19" from cuff to heel and 14" from heel to toe.