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...... till his daddy takes his needles awaaaaaaay!"

Well it looks as though I have the first tragedy on this group venture.  I normally make a copy of the pattern, throw it in a page protector and use a post-it note to keep track of where I am.  I was out of post-its yesterday and my smart butt thought I could wing it while knitting at work.   Boy was I wrong!  I'm now frogging the upper from row 23.

Next time I'll try dropping bread crumbs as I go through the forest. 

I know some of you have already said, but what yarn y'all using???  Color?  Fiber Content?


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I'm knitting mine in a dark kakhi green with black for the sole.  I'm using the brown sheep wool.  My biggest problem is counting stitches.  I'll need say, 67 and by the time I get to 30 I lose my place and have to recount all over again.  I finally decided to use a hair clip and clip it after the stitch I need to knit to and then I can just knit without thinking few a few minutes.

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Great idea Gary.  I also found myself (several times) happily counting as I go along, then just the slightest distraction threw me off at which point I would have to try and find the start and re-count what I had already done.  I haven't started number two yet, but I will give that a try when I do!

Working the last row of the cuff (knitting together off both needles and then casting off as you go) was a cumbersome thing to do too.  Anyone have a trick that made that easier?

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I am currently finishing a blue and grey pair with Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Next I will be doing a pair two tone green with Patons Classic Wool.

I am not a huge fan of the classic wool, but since it is what we sell at work, I thought I would give it a try.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Justin, please let us know how the alpaca works!!!  does it felt well?  I definately need to see pics!

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Hey Matt,

 I've done a pair with 100% alpaca for Jim's mom.  They felted up completely different as far as texture is concerned.  Used Classic Elite 'Inca Alpaca' and they have a really nice bumpy texture to them.  Given the color that I used, I would say that the surface would be similar to that of the surface of a bowl of creamed corn.  Will get pics to you soon.

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Like I'd told you guys in one of Chris's other entries, I had gotten a head-start on the clogs, but stopped when I knew the official start date.  I'm using Cascade 220 yarn, the main color is the deep chocolate brown, and the contrast color is the light brown.  The swatch on the left was done with US 17's, the middle with 13's.  The right one was done in stockinette (pattern doesn't say what stitch to use for the swatch), but after looking at the pattern, I realized it probably should be done in garter stitch since that's what the pattern is.  Here's the picture.

I started row 3 of the insole this morning before work, everything's great, enjoying my coffee. Then I start row 4.  OK, no problem, much like row 2.  When I get to the first W&T, I realized I did something wrong because I ran out of stitches on the needle before I was supposed to do the W&T.  I was like one off and had the proper number of stitches, so I plunged forward and found I was two off by the next W&T.  So, since these are for my husband David's 40th birthday, I frogged it.

So, Chris, I feel your pain, though maybe not as much pain...Wink

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I'm also using Patons Classic wool.  This is my first felting project so I thought I'd keep the yarn pretty basic.  I'm making these for the hubby and he wanted a kinda dark army green color for the upper with a dark grey for the sole/upper trim.  Hope the color combo looks alright! 

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I started mine today using Patons Classic Wool in That's Blue! and Dark Grey.  Got as far as row 15 of the toe shaping.  It isn't a difficult pattern, but you do have to pay attention and count, so no mindless knitting while watching television.  I doubt I'll be working on this at the Thursday night Knitting Circle at Barnes and Noble.  All I can say is, so far, so good.  Haven't had to rip anything out ::knock on wood:: and I hope that trend continues.

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I've started mine, but may not get too far this week.  I've got family coming and I'm house-hunting (if anyone in SF knows of a lovely 2 bedroom for two of the best tenants in the city, give me a call).

I'm about 4 rows into the uppers, but feel like these are going to be too small.  They look like they would easily fit over my shoes, but not much bigger than that...do I need to knit a bigger size or get bigger needles?  I'm tempted to just keep going.

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If you are using a size 13 needle in a 24" length, trust me, as you work the upper and instep across a huge clog will eventually emerge.  Keep knitting.

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive, when it does I'll be off! 

Knit away, knit away

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