Naked on a beach while knitting, no good for concentration

Ahhhh ….this is the third time I am writing this. So this time I am writing it in Word so if something goes wrong I won’t have to write it any more… or just give up.

The first time I pressed preview before submit and lost the lot. The second time I pressed submit and then checked on some downloads I was doing and … lost the lot.

Patience I have but not never ending!

So this is the Malaysian leg of my summer holiday (for all the northerners… winter holiday for my southern compatriots…. July Break for those who sit on the equator-Singaporeans for example).

Langkawi, Malaysia sits on the Malaysian/Thai border. Fortunately it is out of the fighting zone but unfortunately for the locals it is close enough for the smuggling of drugs and alcohol.

The former prime minister, the one that hated Australia, set the island up as a duty free island… and with so much cheap booze available so came the expat alcoholics and … created lots of local alcoholics. Of course the drugs weren’t that far behind.

The island is relatively small. The beaches are beautiful. I’ve been beach hopping for the past few days. The roads are fairly safe… watch out for water buffalo and 2 metre long sand lizards… and the cars and motorbikes that just come straight out on to the road without even looking…

I’m staying at a lovely gay owned bungalow. It is low season, rainy season, and there are 3 guests. A married couple and me. No not together … separate… they just got married a few days ago. No they’re not busy at it… he’s come down with a tummy bug and … so there is lots of fluid loss but not through passionate sharing.

The other night one of the owners took the 3 of us to a pasar malam ‘night market’. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to buy all the food I have been missing since moving out of Asia… and to practice my Malay. To my frustration, my Turkish has infiltrated my Malay, so I now speak half Malay and half Turkish. Really annoying. And they still laugh… oh, your Indonesian is soo good… As in, my Malay is spoken with an Indonesian accent… because I lived in Indonesia of 4 years many years ago.

The beaches here are practically deserted. Well it depends on which ones you go to. Today there was a youth conference at Pasir Tengkorak Beach. If you ever have been to a gorky catholic youth conference, same difference except the girls all wear headscarves. My favourite beach was Tanjung Rhu. It was so quite I spent 2 days naked and as a consequence, quite sunburnt.

I’ve enjoyed getting a book read and even managed a massage… am tempted to have another, as the hamams of Istanbul do such an awful job of massages. Yes the end was quite happy, all smiles 
The photos I’ve included are of: the night market, that was held in the evening; the local beach with me and my knitting (not so successful, too hot, too sweaty and too oily… I’ve since pulled out all my knitting and tonight will be starting again(thx to Profaknitty for being my inspiration, striving for excellence). Naked on a beach doesn’t work for me). The second pic of me on a beach with balls of Nako wool covering my privates is my favourite beach. Not a soul on there for 2 days.

I have 36 hours remaining, I intend another wonderful massage from the Mr Smooth Hand Eric, an Indian meal tonight followed by a few drinks at an Irish pub, I will drop off the motorbike at 12 tomorrow and have the afternoon on the beach, then my last Malay meal in the evening, fly out to Singapore then Australia the following morning.

In the final 24 hours....
Well just before I had to return my motorbike I got a call from Jeff. He wanted to pick me up and take me on an adventure in the jungle. So I madly raced off to top up the petrol in the bike, like it said in the contract, leave the petrol at the same level as you received it ... then went to the the rental place to get drop off the bike and get my 100Ringgit back...then to the pick up point, a resort called Frangipani.

We headed north, back up to where all the lovely beaches were. I had a choice. We go to a lovely isolated beach or go to a waterfall. Both required a trek through the jungle and swimwear. After only 1 km or so of trekking we came to a lovely waterfall and lots of water at the base. We stripped off and got in to our swimwear. As it was so isolated and only park rangers and one or two locals only knew of this site, it was safe to go naked... so we did. So after a lot of splashing about in the pool we headed into the jungle, still naked....just a little way up the embankment to find somewhere flat... after which we had another cleansing swim and headed back to civilization again.

This evening it has been raining. Well it is the rainy season here. We hadn't had rain in 2 days, so we were well due for it. Earlier in the afternoon I'd had brunch... my body clock still out of kilter, I had a quattro formaggio, enough to feed a starving family of 4. So I haven't bothered with dinner this evening.

Just a can of coke, a can of Chrysanthenum tea and a few glasses of wine. After checking my email and MWK I settled down to my knitting. Last night I'd ripped out 1 months worth of work. It just didn't look right, little mistakes had appeared. This evening I discovered that I'd copied the pattern incorrectly. How frustrating! Well a quiet evening is in order. Tomorrow morning I fly to Singapore, then at 2pm I will catch up with Ben at his place :) and then at 8pm I will catch up with Alfi :), so I will need to have a good supply of energy and other things to keep up the pace... would not want to disappoint.

And that is the end of my Asian holiday. I can't imagine getting up to much in Australia, it is freezing there at the moment, so I should get all the front of my aran sweater completed before returning to Turkey because...

... I have a week with bf in south-east Turkey and then a week in Patara with Rick... sooooo ... if it is quiet in Melbourne... I am sure to make up for it on my return to Turkey :) :) :)


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Rick and Joe,
Am having a lovely time. As you can see, I haven't been too naughty... though I've wanted to be... but now with new bf... got to behave... just a little bit. And on to Australia with all it's delights... hmmm ... in mid winter... certainly no frolicking on my favourite nudist beach there... I guess it will be a time of knitting and catching up with parents and it should be... only got 10 days there.

Istanbul, Turkey...but currently in Langkawi, Malaysia


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Thanks for the post, Dave - Loved the pics. Good thing the voyeur only looked and didn't decide to pinch! ;-) Glad your vacation has been so relaxing and fun. Am very jealous of all the delightful scenery and food. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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If I'd written that much and lost it I think I'd have just given up. I'm jealous of your travels. That voyeur seems awfully crabby. Thanks for the pics!


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Dead jealous. I have another 24 days left until I leave Wellington winter for the warmth of the south pactifc beaches.

Great story and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

He nui nga mea e taea ana e te mahinga tahi, e kore e taea takitahi.
Co-operation can accomplish many things which no individual could do alone.

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I'm not sure but only guessing... that a Wellington winter is cold and wet like Melbourne and Istanbul winters... best to escape if you can and for as long as you can... and if you find wonderful distractions while away... enjoy :)
Istanbul, in Singapore but this evening flying to Melbourne.