Ok Clogters!

Just who are we knitting these for???? Myself, this pair will be for my Grandmother.  Have already done a pair for Jim, his mom and myself.


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if one person comments on "clogters", and I am talking to you Lars, I will come after you with something blunt and hard!

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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"come after you with something blunt and hard!"

But can we comment on that???

::sitting here angelically awaiting an answer:: 

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Ha!!! Mine are for ME!!!  Unless I felt them too small and then they will be for the hubby.  I will make him a pair as well if the first ones end up being just my size.  I will work black fun fur into black wool for a "furry" pair for my best friend. 

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It's always hard to decide with a new pattern.  Do you keep them for yourself because it's the first try at it and they may be less than perfect...or do you do them for someone else which is a nice surprise for them.  But in this case, they're for the hubby.  I'll get the second pair!

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Chris, you are THE Clogster!   Wish I'd gotten in on this - sounds like fun.  P'raps the next 'Mission Impossible'.  I've never felted in my life.  I was given a set of felting needles but, after slitting open most of the major arteries and veins on my arms and hands, felt (a-HA!) that I should stick to sticks and wheels.  

 (Did you know that blood is a bugger to get out of raw wool . . . . . and carpets  . . . . and small white dogs ????????)

But, washing machines I can do.  Next project, count me in. 

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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First pair for the hubby's 40th birthday.  Second pair for my mom's birthday.  Some day, maybe a pair for me?!

BTW, I've now started this thing three times.  It's to be the charmed time, right?????

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For myself .. maybe for someone else later when I know what I'm doing.


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Oh, by the way... this first pair is for my favorite person to knit for... that would be me!

 I do like how they quickly to take the shape once you get going on the uppers.  I've gotten as far as the extra rows between row 27 and 28.  Will proprably work on them a bit more tonight.

 This first pair will be for me, but I might make a few as gifts for Christmas.  Last year I made ski caps for my father and older brother.  They both liked them a lot and they are both very difficult to buy for.  So these could be a good idea.  I think mom would even like these. Although she has a sweater and a shawl that I never see being worn.  I may have to guilt her once the warm weather breaks.

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mine, mine, ALL MINE!

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

These are going to my mom. I'm not a big slipper/clog person. But the mail reason is she's got a smaller foot than I do so I'm not wasting as much yarn if something goes horribly wrong.