MWK feels left out!!

I just came across this blog post - Real Men Knit and Sew - of course it's great to see someone blogging about men and crafting (and knitting). I found this comment interesting however:

"Do a google search for "Men who knit" and you'll come across where you can find an entire directory of men knitters who blog."

It's like saying "Do a google search for "Michael Jackson" and you'll come across a guy who writes about beer."


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Thanks ... I've had a look at the site Men Who Knit Net... and have added it to my favourites... it will come in handy I am sure... especiallyl when I figure out the problem with my Adobe Flash Player... I have one but it doesn't work... and I can't seem to be able to reinstall another one... When I am home, I will get someone to look at it for me.

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